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Pre-Planning Your Burial So Your Family Doesn’t Have To

While it definitely sounds morbid on first impression, pre-planning your funeral is actually a kind thing to do. When you pass, your family and friends will have to deal with so much-- most of all the pain of losing someone they love. When burial and memorial services are outlined and paid for, that takes a huge burden off their shoulders so they can focus on recovering from the shock and grieve in a healthy manner.

The Importance of Memorial Services

You may be thinking, “Who cares what kind of memorial service they have for me? I’ll be dead!” and, honestly, fair enough. However, memorial services are not for the deceased;they are for the ones that are left behind. A funeral is a place where a person can go and actively mourn the loss of someone they cared about. And at that service exists a supportive community so those going through the loss don’t have to feel so alone. Memorial services are also celebrations of the deceased’s life and all they did during their time on Earth. Or, for those who aren’t really worth celebrating, a funeral provides closure that allows them to move on into the direction of healing.

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Planning Your Memorial Service

Funeral traditions vary wildly from culture to culture and household to household. The type of burial and memorial you have doesn’t have to be the same kind your parents had. It’s best to figure out away to reflect your personality and values with your service so mourners can feel your presence even in absence.

When planning your memorial and burial, ask yourself…When planning your memorial and burial, ask yourself…

  •  How would you like your body disposed?
  •  Do you want to follow any religious ceremonial practices for memorial and burial?
  •  Would you like a memorial service separate from a burial or cremation service?
  •  If embalmed, would you like a visitation or wake?
  •  Would your family appreciate a reception or gathering after services?
  •  Are you interested in environmentally friendly burial options?
  •  How much money do you want to spend on memorial services? How will you pay?
  •  Is there a particular place you would like to hold services?
  •  Who would you like involved in your funeral or memorial?

Paying for a Memorial Service

Having your memorial service or burial prepaid lifts a heavy burden off the shoulders of your loved ones. Funerals are expensive; they can easily cost five figures, though the average cost in 2004 for a memorial service was just below that at $6,500. If your family doesn’t have that kind of liquid cash on hand at a moment’s notice -- and more if you want a particularly pricey burial-- you have to plan ahead for the eventuality.

Burial insurance is one way to provide that money for your family when the time comes. These policies are more affordable than life insurance because the value is often rather low-- somewhere around $5,000 to $25,000.Once you pass, the total benefits of your policy go directly to your beneficiary. Any additional money not used on funeral costs can be allocated to pay other final expenses such as legal costs,outstanding medical bills and credit card debt.


Thinking about your own death isn’t a picnic,but preparing for your memorial services, burial and the costs that come with them can help your family during a difficult time. When planning your funeral,you don’t have to stick with what you know. Look into alternative burial methods and memorial services that reflect your personality so your family canfeel your presence one last time. Paying for an awesome memorial doesn’t go cheap, though. Thankfully, burial insurance is an affordable way to ensure yourfamily has the $5,000 to $25,000 they’ll need when the time comes. Any extra benefits from the payout can be used to clear off any debts you leave behind.


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